Analyst IT Mediation

Job Title Analyst IT Mediation, Interconnect & Roaming
Location Kabul
Professional Area Interconnect & Mediation


Years of Experience    2
Experience Type    IT
Preferred Requirement
Years of Experience  
Experience Type


Job Responsibilities

  • Config and connect Mediation to All Network elements including but not limited to MSCs, SGSN/GGSN, SMSC, HLR, CvBS, EDCH, and other third-party platforms.
    • Collect different file types (binary, xml, ASN1 …) and decrypt, clean, and load them into the database.
    • Monitor and tune the ETL processes and fix bugs and issues during official and non-official days.
    • Ensure data quality system integrity and well-process functionality.
    • Doing files and data reconciliation and CDR validation between Network elements.
    • Generate daily KPI report to the manager, monitoring all roaming and RAID modules files processing.
    • Maintain and update the Roaming incident resolution and response plan. Works with the team to resolve the issues on time.
    • File system space and table space management of Mediation and RAID system, export tables and data for making free spaces.
    • Design well system structure and proper directory for data / CDR collection, processing and files archiving system.
    • Inbound roaming services lunch, discount price end-to-end configuration, test TAP file generation for validation, troubleshooting, and analysis.
    • Strong concept of Telecom and GSM services including main plus VAS services.
    • Being able to clearly communicate/convey ideas with the team and take/give handover the daily tasks.
    • Knowledge of Mediation (CDR collection, conversion, and integration).
    • Knowledge of interconnect rating and reporting.
    • Knowledge of different RDBMS and Oracle databases.
    • Strong Knowledge of Perl and shell scripting.
    • Knowledge of Oracle Database and advanced level SQL statements.
    • Knowledge of CDR and Data validation and reconciliation.

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