Bupa Arabia provides training opportunities through the (Tamheer) program for on-the-job training in Jeddah

Bupa Arabia Company

Bupa Arabia announced the availability of on-the-job training opportunities through the . program (makeover) to work in Jeddah ProvinceFor the rest of the details and the method of submission described below.

Training areas:
1- Attracting talent (Jeddah):

Bachelor’s degree in (Human Resources, Management Information Systems) or equivalent.

the conditions:
The applicant or applicant must be a Saudi national.
Bachelor’s degree or higher in the disciplines mentioned above.
The records of social insurance and civil service indicate that the applicant has not registered for any job during the previous six months.
The applicant should not be on the job, whether in the public or private sector.
He should not have benefited from the Tamheer program previously.
To be eligible for the Tamheer Program.
Academic record (superior).
– Good communication skills in English.
– Proficiency in the use of computers, especially Microsoft (Office) programs.

Advantages of the (Tamheer) program by the (Hadaf) Fund:
A financial reward for the trainee (3,000) riyals for a bachelor’s degree or higher, provided by the (Goal) fund.
Business risk insurance coverage.
Electronic training courses.
Experience certificate provided by the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) after completing the training program.

How to apply:
– Submission is now available. It started today, Monday, 06/21/1443 AH, corresponding to 01/24/2022 AD, and ends when the required number is sufficient.
Through the following link:
Press here

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