King Saud University for Health Sciences provides 10 jobs (for both sexes) for diploma holders and above in Riyadh and Jeddah

Saud University for Health Sciences

King Saud University for Health Sciences announced the availability of 10 jobs (Lilurgal Valencia) For diploma holders or above to work in the ( .)Riyadh, Jeddah)It stipulated that the applicant be a Saudi national, for the rest of the details shown below.

Dental Laboratory Technologist (Riyadh).
Biostatistician (Jeddah).
Second Auditor (Jeddah).
Third Entertainment Specialist (Jeddah).
– Second Entertainment Specialist (Jeddah).
– Second engineer for health care service (Jeddah).
Second Service Supervisor (Jeddah).
– Second Supervisor of Nutrition Services (Jeddah).
– Second specialist for trial operations (Jeddah).
Second teacher of clinical trials (Jeddah).

How to apply:
– Submission is now available. It started today, Thursday, 06/24/1443 AH, corresponding to 01/27/2022 AD, and ends when the required number is sufficient.
Through the following link:
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