Quality Improvement Officer/ Ob/Gyn Specialist (Re Announced) )

About HealthNet TPO:

HealthNet TPO is a Netherlands based not for profit, non-governmental organization founded on the principle that access to affordable quality health care is a basic human right. HealthNet TPO works with interdisciplinary professionals to develop and implement innovative, culturally appropriate, evidence based public health interventions with a focus on: innovative development of health systems, mental health and psychosocial care, long and short term training of health workers, control of communicable diseases (including malaria), and health financing schemes. HealthNet TPO offers ground-breaking and unconventional solutions that foster self-reliance and promote sustainable health care that is accessible to all.

Job Description:

  • Implement the project activities in the province to ensure quality services at health facilities.
  • Understand and materialize the concept of TSTs into action through joint planning and implementation with AFIAT staff, PPHO, and other technical officers.
  • Conduct a rapid HQIP assessment of the HFs in the provision of thematic services.
  • Identify the gaps, facilitate a root cause analysis with the staff, and development of an improvement plan.
  • Conduct follow-up mentoring and coaching visits for providing capacitybuilding support to the healthcare providers in the provision of the owperforming thematic services based on HQIP assessment.
  • Develop a monthly work plan for improvement of clinical and non-clinical weaknesses observed in the targeted HFs in coordination with AFIAT TST members.
  • Implement the Quality Improvement program using the revised HQIP tool.
  • Disseminate and ensure appropriate implementation of Quality Improvement standards and procedures.
  • Assist in the implementation of alternative capacity building approaches (peer to peer mentoring visits to learning centers, formal competency-based training) and assist in the implementation of alternative capacity building approaches including Gender and Health Training and RMC training for HCPs.
  • Work in collaboration with other partners and the MoPH in quality improvement system in the health sector.
  • Produce and submit timely monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Carefully document the “Health Facility Quality Improvement (HFQI) progress sheet” for each activity/result undertaken per health centers visited, and effectively circulate it for ensuring data use by AFIAT provincial manager, CB officers, and any relevant stakeholders. 60% 22
  • Closely collaborate and coordinate with AFIAT officers to ensure strengthening the links between health centers visited and their communities.
  • In coordination with AFIAT officers ensure that community representative is present during the TST visits in Health centers.
  • Work with AFIAT Community Health Officers (CHO) to implement project activities in targeted health posts.
  • Establish close ties with and mentor Community Health Supervisors, CHWs, and local communities in particular key influential community members (e.g., members of Community Health Shura) with a focus on respectful maternity care and gender-sensitive care for the related CBHC activities.
  • Collaborate with AFIAT TST staff to lead provincial planning including field visits of selected health posts.
  • Provide community-level support as TST mentor for further engagement of the community.
  • Lead initiation of dialogue with local communities regarding TST support:
  • Work with local communities to improve their participation in TSTs and other provincial-level platforms.
  • Support local communities, the health Shura representative in their role while serving as TST member.
  • Work with local communities to prepare them for the HQIP rapid assessment and follow-up TST visits at the community/HPs level.

Job Requirements:

  • Medical university degree and specialty in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Master’s degree in Public Health or relevant area is preferred.
  • Five years’ experience in designing, implementing and evaluating thematic programs at the provincial hospital, BPHS health facility, and community levels.
  • Previous training or mentoring is a plus

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