Remote jobs for men and women in the remote work program

remote work program

The remote work program announced the availability of jobs for men and women with the work system (remote), according to the rest of the details described below.

1- Customer Service and Marketing Officer.
2- Administrative manager.
3- A management consultant.
4- Data entry.
5- Accountant.
6- Advertising agent.
7- Interior and exterior decorator with 3D technology.
8- Executive Secretary.
.. etc ..

More details about working (remotely):
Are remote workers registered in the social insurance system?
Registration in the insurances is a prerequisite for any remote worker, so the remote worker must be registered in the insurances as a full-time / part-time remote worker before he is registered in the remote work portal.

What are the conditions for joining remote work?
1- The applicant must be a Saudi national.
2- Age from 18 to 60 years old
3- It does not require postgraduate degrees.
4- Knowledge or familiarity with the use of technical devices is required.

About the program:
The remote work program is one of the important national initiatives launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development with the aim of bridging the gap between business owners and those looking for them, who prevent several obstacles between them and their access to suitable job opportunities.

How to apply:
Through the following link:
Press here

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