The Human Resources Development Fund provides more than 1,600 training opportunities through (Tamheer) for both sexes in several cities in the Kingdom

Human Resources Development Fund

Human Resource Development Fund announced (Target) on (1630 training opportunities) in several regions of the Kingdom, by registering in the (tameh) for on-the-job training, with a monthly bonus, for the rest of the details and the registration method described below.

Training areas:
– Technique.
Artistic and other.

the conditions:
The applicant or applicant must be a Saudi national.
The applicant or applicant must have a diploma or bachelor’s degree or higher.
The applicant must not have registered in the social insurance or civil service systems for any job during the previous six months.
The applicant must not have benefited from the Tamheer program previously.

About the Tamheer Program:
It is an on-the-job training program for male and female graduates, and aims to train them in government institutions and distinguished companies in the private sector, so that they can acquire the expertise and skills necessary to prepare them to participate in the labor market.
The (Tamheer) program is intended for male and female graduates holding a diploma, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree who have not worked in any job during the last six months.

Monthly rewards and benefits:
For diploma holders, an amount of (2,000 riyals) per month.
Bachelor’s holders or more, an amount of (3,000 riyals) per month.
Business risk insurance coverage.
Electronic training courses.
Experience certificate provided by the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) after completing the training program.

How to apply:
Through the following link:
Press here

Press here

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