The Ministry of Culture announces the start of applications for the (Cultural Scholarship Program) in various fields for the year 2022 AD

Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture announced the start of applying for (Cultural Scholarship Program) in various fields for the year 2022 AD, for the rest of the details shown below.

Program name:
The cultural scholarship program for the year 2022 AD.

General entry requirements:
– The applicant must be a Saudi national.
The applicant should be of good conduct and behavior.
The educational institution to be enrolled in must be included in the list of educational institutions available within the program
The specialization to be studied should be within the specified specializations or their branches in the cultural scholarship program.
The major that the applicant would like to study does not have to be identical or related to the major he studied previously.
The applicant’s documents must be complete and correct during registration, and those whose information registered on the program website does not match the official documents will be excluded.

– the design.
– Music.
– The stage.
– Film industry.
– Literature.
Visual arts.
Culinary Arts.

Qualifying the applicant and overcoming the obstacles he faces in obtaining acceptance from universities and educational institutions.
A scientific mission that includes study costs, financial guarantee, living expenses, health care for the student and an escort.
Providing guidance programs that focus on following up on the scholarship student and evaluating his academic development.
Holding training workshops to develop the applicants’ talents and provide them with the necessary capabilities and skills.

How to apply:
– Submission is now available. It started today, Sunday, 07/05/1443, corresponding to 02/06/2022 AD.
Through the following link:
Press here

Press here

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