The National Center for E-Learning announces the availability of an administrative position in Riyadh

National Center for E-Learning

The National Center for E-Learning announced the availability of an administrative position to work in the city of Riyadh, according to the rest of the details shown below.

Job title:
– Purchases Representative.

Job objective:
1- Executing purchase orders and providing the various requirements for the management of the center with the required specifications, on time and at the best prices, and searching for the best offers and prices.
2- Purchasing materials and goods through direct purchase, following up on the receipt of purchases, matching quantities and specifications, auditing financial claims related to direct purchase purchases, and preparing and submitting work reports.

Responsibilities (Tasks):
1- Implementing the executive plans and programs of the procurement department.
2- Executing the purchase orders received by him as well as all work orders within the limits of his work.
3- Submit a weekly report to the purchasing manager to show what has been accomplished and what has been postponed, with a statement of the reason.
4- Conducting market research before making purchases of goods, merchandise, and services.
5- Receiving purchases, matching quantities and specifications, and auditing financial claims.
6- Studying purchase requests in the concerned authority and auditing them in accordance with the procurement regulations.
7- Direct purchase of materials and goods in accordance with the regulations.
8- Preparing, submitting, documenting and archiving work reports.
9- Monitoring the inventory of consumables and scheduling their provision.

the conditions:
1- A qualification of at least a diploma in the same field.
2- At least 3 years of experience in the field is preferred.
3- Negotiation skills and dealing with suppliers professionally.
4- Time management.
5- Commitment.
6- Computer proficiency.

About the center:
A center established by a decision of the Council of Ministers, to be an independent entity that aims to enhance confidence in e-learning programs, enable integration between education and employment agencies, and lead innovation in digital transformation in education.

How to apply:
– Application is now available. It started today, Thursday, 06/24/1443 AH, corresponding to 01/27/2022 AD, and ends when the required number is sufficient. To find out the rest of the conditions, skills and job description, and to apply through the following link:
Press here

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