Thiqa Business Services Company provides a vacancy for a technical position for a bachelor’s degree or higher in Riyadh

Trust business services company

Trust Company for Business Services announced (trust) For a vacancy for a technical job for a bachelor’s degree or higher to work In the city of RiyadhFor the rest of the details described below.

Job title:
– Data analyst.

the conditions:
Bachelor’s degree or higher in (Computer Science or Mathematics) or related discipline with a focus on machine learning.
Programming skills (eg python, Golang) and proficiency in ML libraries.
Stakeholder management and communication skills.
Strong interest in data, solid mathematics, and an analytical foundation.
Organization of the project and task.

How to apply:
The submission is now available. It started today, Wednesday, 06/23/1443 AH, corresponding to 01/26/2022 AD, and ends when the required number is sufficient.
Through the following link:
Press here

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